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Split Pea Stew

MY FAVORITE STEW OF ALL TIME. Split Pea Stew has seen me through every home I’ve lived in, every city I’ve lived in, every winter I’ve shivered through, every kitchen I’ve cooked in and countless more moments. Me and Split Pea have done it all. And I turn to this stew again and again and again. Nothing settles me like this one. 

1 onion

6 carrots 

1 potato 

1 cup dried split peas 

6 cups stock 

Chop your veggies + saute them with olive oil in your pot over medium heat with salt and pepper. Once they are cooked add your split peas + the stock. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a light simmer. Watch and stir occasionally (so the bottom doesn’t burn). The split peas will take about an hour to fully cook. 

Serve with: creme fraiche (or sour cream) and a soft boiled egg and LOTS of hot sauce (Crystal is my fave). This is a soup that begs for a fresh loaf of bread from The Harbinger! 


I think this is a stew that gets way better after Day 1. The peas soften even more and the flavors meld. 

You can add ham or pancetta to it at the start 

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