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Apple Salad with Lemon Chili Mustard Vinaigrette

This is yummy on it’s own, but I think of it more as a component meal and I eat it alongside farro and white beans. I also add more cheese, but I love blue cheese deeply and will add it to anything, at any time. You can eat this with grains, beans, meat, or even as a slaw on a sandwich.

2 apples (I used honeycrisp, use a crisp one) - sliced thin into matchsticks

1 white onion - sliced thin into halfmoons

1 yellow pepper - sliced into long strips 

½  jalapeno - or a whole one if you like spice - sliced thin or chopped small 

¼ cup blue cheese - or any cheese you like - thick crumbles

Tos everything together, mix with as much dressing as you like and add salt and pepper to taste. 

Lemon Chili Mustard Vinaigrette 

¼ cup red wine vinegar 

4 garlic cloves - minced 

2 lemons - juice of both and zest of 1 

2 TB honey 

2 TB sriracha (or any hot sauce)

1 TB chili flakes 

1 TB mustard 

1 TB salt 

½ cup oil 

Whisk together 


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