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My Grandma collected cookbooks from all over - and amassed a big collection of community and church cookbooks. A few years ago she gave basically all of them to me. They are just incredible. The salads are all laced with mayo and loaded with bacon, and a surprising many of them are set with gelatin. I love them. Red kidney bean salads show up a lot and in homage to these great cookbooks I’ve been making this on repeat. This recipe doesn't call for bacon, but if you eat bacon, I suggested adding it in. 

1 can kidney beans - drained 

¼ red onion

¼ red pepper

¼ yellow pepper 

3 scallions 

¼ bunch of cilantro 

1 jalapeno 

¼ avocado 

2 TB mayo 

1 TB red wine vinegar 

1 TB oil - a neutral oil like canola is best 

2 tsp salt 

1 tsp black pepper 

1 tsp red chili flakes 

(bacon optional, cheddar cheese optional) 

Chop all the veggies super small. The whole jalapeno can add a lot of spice, if you are averse then just add ¼ of it. Mix it all together. It’s best to let marinate overnight, so this is great for making in bulk. Enjoy! 

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