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Roasted Scallion + Garlic w/ Corn + Peanut Salad

Updated: Apr 29

This is for when you want to eat corn, but make it complicated. 

5 ears corn - shucked + boiled or roasted 

6 small cucumbers - or 1 large english cuke - chopped roughly 

2 bunches scallions - chopped 

25 cloves garlic 

1 white onion - thin slice 

1 cup roasted peanuts 

2 cups feta - big chunks is best 

4 limes - zest 2 of them, juice all 4 

¼ cup red wine vinegar 

2 tsp chili flakes 

2 tsp chili powder 

¼ cup sriracha sauce 

¾ cup olive oil 

2 TB sugar 

Roast your garlic at 400 until it is golden brown. Add the scallions to the tray and roast another 5-8 minutes, until darkened and crispy. Remove the roasted or boiled corn from the cob. Mix everything together in a big bowl. It’s good day of but better second day! BUT if you're eating it the next day, wait to add the peanuts so they don’t get soggy. 


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