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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Whether you need a little extra help with the dessert table this year, or simply want to share your love of The Harb with your extended fam, we've got you covered!


See details and MENU below: 

  • All preordered items will be available for pickup on Tuesday, November 21st (7a-3p) and Wednesday, November 22nd (7a-11a).


Pickups end promptly at 11a on Wednesday so we can get our team out the door

and on their way to visit with their families!

  • We'll have plenty of other first-come, first-served baked goods available in the pastry case during pickup times! 

  • Please take note of our holiday hours: 

Closing early at 11a on Wednesday, November 22nd

CLOSED Thursday, November 23rd

CLOSED Friday, November 24th

Opening at 8a on Saturday, November 25th


LOAF BREADS (serves 8-12)

Pumpkin Loaf w/ Coffee Glaze + Dark Cocoa Grahams (v) 20

Cranberry Pumpkin Loaf w/ Rosemary Glaze + Walnut Toffee (v) 20

Apple Loaf w/ Halva Glaze + Almond Maple Granola (v) 20


Harbinger Goodie Box(all mini, for sharing) 8 Pumpkin Macaroons (v, gf), 6 Molasses Cookies w/ Sweet Potato Cream (v), 6 Apple Oat Bars w/ Praline Buttercream (v), 4 Pumpkin Pie Cookies (v), 4 Brown Sugar Cookies w/ Cranberry Compote (v) and 5 Oatcakes w/ Fruit Cake Frosting (v, gf) 60

Best Friend Cookie Box: 12 or 15 of our triple chocolate cookie with local sea salt 48/60

Cookie Assortment Box: 12 or 15 Best Friends, Cookies + Cream, Thumbelinas, Bend + Snaps, Sugar Babies 55/68


Pumpkin SpiceCinnamon Spiced Cake w/ Pumpkin Compote, Maple Tahini Buttercream + Candied Pepitas (v, can be made gf) 6"/9", 50-70

Pumpkin CranberrySweet Potato Cake w/ Orange Buttercream, Cranberry Compote + Sugared Cranberries (v, can be made gf) 6"/9", 50-70


Broccoli Cheddar Quiche (serves 8-12) 45


Methodical Coffee 21

Harbinger Granola (v, gf) 12


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