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Celebrate in style with 2 of each of our ALL STAR cookie line-up!


The Cookie Fest Box includes the following 10 cookies: 


1. Best Friend x2

Harbinger’s signature and beloved triple chocolate chip cookie, topped with local sea salt (dairy-free, contains: wheat)


2. Bend & Snap x2

Molasses + Oat cookie (gluten-free, dairy-free, contains: almonds/gf oats)


3. Shorty x2 

Almond Shortbread w/ Cocoa Buttercream (dairy-free, contains: almonds/soy/gf flour)


4. Cookies & Cream x2

Chocolate Cookie Sandwich w/ Vanilla Buttercream + House Sprinkles (dairy-free, contains: wheat/soy)


5. Thumbelina x2

Butter Shortbread w/ House Compote (dairy-free, contains: wheat/soy)

Cookie Fest (for Pick Up)

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