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Rose + Honey + Lavender Syrups 

I really do prefer my coffee black but, for those summer days when nothing beats a creamy, sweet cold brew in the backyard while you’re sunbathing with a good book, these two syrups have got you. Both also happen to be really great in cocktails. 

Rose + Honey Syrup 

3 TB rose water 

¼  cup honey 

2 cups boiling water

Stir to dissolve the honey. You can add more of any ingredient depending how strong you like it. 

Lavender Syrup 

1 TB dried lavender (culinary grade) - in a tea bag

½ cup sugar 

2 cups boiling water 

Stir the water and sugar together. Then steep the lavender for 10 minutes, until the syrup tastes like lavender. 


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