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Post & Courier | Charleston Café Earned ‘Destination Status’

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

By Parker Milner

Five years ago, residents of the North Central neighborhood of downtown Charleston didn’t necessarily need a café.

They needed the right café.

One with owners who not only had a desire to fit into the community but cater to its needs.

That’s the goal at The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery, which opened in June 2017. Five years later, patrons who wander inside Greer Gilchrist and Cameron Neal’s 1107 King St. shop will quickly realize it’s unlike any other place they’ve visited before.

“With The Harbinger, we wanted to create a place that you would be so proud to bring your family,” Gilchrist added. “You’d be like, ‘This is my place, this is my little spot and look at all of these things they have that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.’ ”

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