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Charleston Magazine | Open Sesame

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

By Cailin Boegel

At this petite bakery and café near Hampton Park, chef Greer Gilchrist adds tahini to a host of sweets and lunch items.
The ingredient is folded into cookie dough batter, while a black sesame seed variety combined with chocolate becomes a Nutella-like filling for cinnamon rolls. It’s also stirred with honey and cinnamon in granola, coating the grain mixture with a blanket of smooth sweetness.
“It’s like healthy candy,” Gilchrist laughs. Tahini shines in veggie sides as well, replacing mayonnaise in a raw broccoli salad and mingling with roasted cauliflower, Mission figs, quinoa, and sunflower seeds in a vegan riff on tabbouli.

See full feature in the Charleston Magazine.

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